Wednesday, October 24, 2007

We Got Pierzynski'd and Joe Blo(s)

Since 2002, when the Angels and Most Valuably Enhanced Troy Glaus (Not Barry?) defeated the Giants in the World Series, it's been a what former Giants' players are on that team, kind of thing for me.

2003- Florida Marlins. Not a matter of who the former Giants were as it was that they defeated the Gigantes to get to the next round.
2004- Boston Red Sox. Third base coach was Wendell Kim. Reliever extraordinaire was Keith Foulke. Knuckleball receiving specialist Doug Mirabelli. Sweet fielding, I don't know why they didn't retain him- Bill Mueller was a league leading hitter playing third base for these unforgettable Bosox.
2005-Chisox. WE GOT PIERZYNSKI'D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The guy leads the free world in hitting into double plays and costs us Nathan, Bonser, Lirianes.
2006- StL Cards...All I remember from this yawnfest was that Joe Buck and Tim McCarver, two St. Louis Cardinal announcers, no matter how you slice it, were god awful.
The fact that Joe Blows and is on the FUX network was a match. His smug attitude and McCarver's insistence on filling our heads with insignificant statistics was intolerable to me.
Why? Because I already knew those insignificant stats. My head is full of tainted wonders learnt way back when I was young and impetuous.

But I digress.

I must say something about the smug, Joe Blo(s)Buck. When I was in high school, the guys and I would always howl to no end, with the mentioning of someone who thinks he knows was brought up. In high school, we all, to some degree, "think we know" or else we wouldn't be doing what we were doing. But to put that whole attitude into one word, the word would be smug.

Joe Blo(s) Buck is smug. Or you could say, "he thinks he knows."

Don't you just hate people, in positions of authority (and lead announcer of the World Series would be a pretty good place to be to educate those who are worthy of your knowledge) who have a knack for saying things that suggest the aforementioned is as obvious as the zit on your forehead?

I mean, the guy he heard -on the radio- announcing the game was his dad. He ought to know something, right?

Kevin Marquez