Friday, September 7, 2007

Thinking of 2008 with Kevin Correia

Kevin Correia is 3-0 in the role of a starter and would be 4-0 if the bullpen didn't do its best to maintain the dubious statistic of allowing runners inherited to score.

Should Kevin C return to the starting rotation next season? Heck yes! If he can build up enough arm strength, that would extend him deeper than the 6th inning of a game, pencil him in right now.

On offense, the Giants have to be at the top or rocking back and forth, when it comes to grounding into twin-killings. Double-plays. Ray Durham, Kevin Frandsen, Ryan Klesko, Rich Aurilia, Benjie Molina and Randy Winn (in that order) have been far too giving when it comes to ending the inning suddenly.

On the upside, after listening to Brian Sabean on his radio show (KNBR/680) I was encouraged by the possibility of Omar Visquel returning for another season simply because nobody does it better at the shortstop position than #13.

Kevin Marquez